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The Paradox of the Good Book


dog readingIsn’t it strange how when you’re reading a book you really like it’s so hard to put down and when you are away from the book, you just can’t get back to it. But the faster you read, the faster you’re done and then you don’t get to be in that world anymore? And then you’re a little sad that it’s over. You knew that would happen but you couldn’t stop yourself.

And then when there’s an author you really like, you can’t wait to read their next book. You don’t need to know what it’s about. You just know they wrote it so you will like it. But then when you’re browsing in the library, bookstore, or reading a book summary online you probably decide to read the book based on the description. But really want matters is how well the author tells the story and not so much the circumstances.

What are some books you’ve raced through? What authors do you love?

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Habits of Successful People


Almost 100% of the people at the top are reading a lot.

Today’s message comes from an interview from my favorite Podcast – Entrepreneur on Fire. The interview was with Tai Lopez, an investor, partner, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Tai Lopez says the average person buys 17 books per year, but doesn’t finish them. (He also mentions most of these are fiction books and he is advocating books to make us more successful financially, but we won’t get into those details). His point is the successful people read A LOT.

Tai Lopez reads one book a day. He mentioned Hillary Clinton is an avid reader and American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist Warren Buffett reads 3-5 books per day. Mark Cuban another American businessman, investor, film producer, author, television personality and philanthropist reads while flying on his personal jet. Yet these people all still have time to do other things!

My theory, besides them being speed readers, is they reading so much that they’re already familiar with topics and it is easy for their brains to absorb the books. It’s probably not realistic for most of us to aspire to read one book per day starting out. I propose instead of being disillusioned we can start out aiming for one book per month, with time that could increase to one a week, and maybe some of us could eventually read one book per day, who knows.

How do you think you can find a way to read more?

If you would like to catch this very interesting interview you can visit Entrepreneur on Fire

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