How Our Enemies Can Make Us Holy — If We Let Them

Sunday readings for February 24, 2019 It’s easy to notice when people mistreat me. In this week’s reading, Jesus instructs the disciples how to react when we are mistreated. I thought about times I’ve felt mistreated and came up with these instances. – The person in the parking lot who rushes past me as I’mContinue reading “How Our Enemies Can Make Us Holy — If We Let Them”

When We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

I’ve noticed something occur multiple times in the past few weeks where something was communicated, and there it was laid out straightforward and the information didn’t just quite click. There were a few occasions where I had written instructions to people at work thinking I was making it easier for them by having the informationContinue reading “When We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know”

Starting Early or Starting Late

Is it better to start something and not continue or start late? There are a lot of things I’ve started and dropped. In hobbies alone I have amassed quite a list: piano, tennis, golf, volleyball, and jewelry making are the ones that came to mind easily. Perhaps we regret having credit cards or school loansContinue reading “Starting Early or Starting Late”

Why Has This Happened?

Have you ever wondered why something has happened or why something doesn’t stop happening? If so, the conversation Gideon is having with God included below will resonate. In the passage, Gideon reminds me of conversations I have when things around me aren’t going the way I think they should go. It’s like the conversations we haveContinue reading “Why Has This Happened?”