5 Reasons I Like Geocaching

I recently was introduced to Geocaching, which is basically a treasure hunt you do using your smartphone. You can download the Geocaching App and find caches that other geocachers place in parks, the side of the road, trees, lampposts, and other places. The app provides clues to finding the geocaches. The caches range in size and level of difficulty in terms of how they are hidden. When you find a cache, you sign a log sheet included in the geocache and log on the app that you found it. Reading other people’s activity logs on the app can be helpful for finding an especially tricky geocache.

Sometimes the caches contain swag like a key chain, small toy, or craft someone made, but most times, you just sign the log and feel proud that you found the cache. Some are really easy, such as a magnetic case you find on a guardrail on the side of the road or a Tupperware box hidden in a park. But some are tricky like a tiny pill container nestled in a bush or tree.

1. A Sense of Accomplishment

My boyfriend and geocaching partner in crime had been taking me around to different caches for a few months. Some were new ones that were placed and some were ones he found previously which allowed me to get a few more under my belt.

At first I was doing it because he was so excited about it but wasn’t particularly interested. Everything changed one night when we found a cache near my house. I attempted it once on my own and once with him and this was my third visit. I was randomly standing in a spot to get my dog out of the road, looked over and found the cache hidden in the tree we had been searching. I was hooked.

The illusive cache – conquered on the 3rd attempt!

2. Get My Daily 10K Steps

I enjoy walking and this gives walking a purpose. On a day when I might not have a chance go on a daily walk with my dog, I might visit or store or have an appointment and see if there are any caches nearby. I found a few after a dentist appointment and got to enjoy this canal that I drove by for years but never stopped to appreciate.

3. Adventures In or Near My Hometown

It’s fun exploring new places when I travel. I look for touristy sites or restaurants to eat at. This allows me to have adventures at home by visiting places I wouldn’t take the time to do otherwise. I like to study the app and find little parks that have a few caches. I can go by myself, with my dog, or with friends. I get to experience a new place and get to enjoy a green space which is refreshing.

4. It Makes a Great Date

I don’t really like going to the movies and eating out all the time is fattening. I have lists of parks or areas that would be good for us to visit saved on the geocaching app. So when we have a day we’re looking for something to do, we have options already available. Then we can find a nice restaurant nearby since we have been out walking around getting exercise.

We had a lovely morning and
found 5 caches in the area surrounding this little lake

5. It’s Educational

For some reason the map in the my geocaching site likes to point me in the opposite direction. So I am still working on my map reading, but it’s a good skill to learn how to follow directions. Also studying the map helps me learn new things about the area in which I live. I didn’t realize there were so many little parks or bodies of water.

You get a bonus because there are so many great things about it 😆

6. Community

The morning after we found that illusive tree cache, we attended to a Geocaching event held at a park. There were at least 30 geocachers of all ages, some with kids, and some with dogs. They brought refreshments, had a raffle, and were excited to share their tips and wisdom when the heard we were new. I realized this would be a fun community.

Final Thoughts

As I was writing this I thought of many other reasons I could list why I enjoy geocaching which I will share in future posts.

If geocaching is appealing to you, I recommend checking out Geocaching and downloading the free app. Keep in mind there is a lot more information and things to do online than on the app so you need both tools. If Geocaching is even slightly appealing to you, I recommend purchasing the Premium membership which costs approximately $30, it will give you access to many more caches and provides a year of entertainment for less than what a dinner or two out might cost you.

Published by Cherrie Ali

I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, and geocaching.

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