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Sometimes things don’t go the way we want.

My WordPress domain expired last month, and I didn’t want to renew it.

I started this blog around 2015. It was one of many incidents that occurred in that time period that contributed to me making a major life change and leaving my long-time job later that year to basically go back to school thinking I’d become a writer.

Here I am seven years later and didn’t end up writing in the way I expected. I thought I’d embark on fiction writing though not really sure what I’d do to pay the bills and have insurance.

Thanks to the encouragement of a good friend, I became a technical writer for a few years. I enjoyed aspects of it and technical writing is very good for paying bills and having insurance, but I didn’t find it fulfilling writing about other people’s work and not really having my own things to do.

I’m currently a business analyst which involves a lot of writing and creativity within the parameters of the business world. It was a rocky start, but I’m starting to realize I really enjoy it.

I haven’t been using this site consistently for the past few years, mainly because I didn’t like changes to the WordPress editor. I found it very frustrating to use. I dabbled with other sites but didn’t really like any, although I came very close to switching to something else today.

However, I thought about it carefully and decided to give it another chance. Due to the dreaded thought of figuring out how to export this site and the much greater cost of the other site. Much to my surprise, I found that it has become easier to use again so I’m sticking around.

Even though I didn’t start over at a new site, I do feel like this is a new version. I have a new career, new hobbies that you will hear about more coming up (currently learning the ukelele and geocaching), and hitting a six-month milestone today in a relationship with the only one who could ever be my other half. There have been many adventures with him and I expect there to be many more. He will not want to be written about, but I couldn’t sum up this 2.0 version of everything without mentioning that.

Today I reflect upon the idea that sometimes we have to be patient and things will work out.

Published by Cherrie Ali

I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, and geocaching.

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