We live in the information age and with so much information floating around all of the time, it’s not always new information. It’s often stuff we know but it’s helpful to have reminders. I just started listening to the Optimal Living Daily podcast where they read other people’s blogs aloud every day. I started with the Personal Development podcast but there are also others focusing on Health, Finance, and Business Startups.

Forming an Opinion

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I’ve found Optimal Living Daily (OLD) valuable, at the very least because it draws my attention to a subject to ponder. Thinking about it causes me I form an opinion about if it’s useful to my life or not. For example, I loved the very first podcast I listened to that featured a blog post called 30 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year by Marc and Angel. I visited the website read other posts and loved it.


I wasn’t as inspired by another blog OLD read that commented on how taking pictures on vacations could cause people to miss the moment. This is because the picture taker is trying to find the perfect angle, playing around with filters, reviewing, and redoing shots. I definitely think this is possible, and it’s probably a great post for some people, but I know that when I take pictures I try to take it and be brief. I might take a quick look at a group shot to make sure I captured what I wanted and everyone looks good but I don’t spend too much time on a picture. Actually, I usually end up wishing I took more pictures!

Moving Forward

At any rate, hearing this podcast, drew my attention to the topic which was a great thing. Sometimes I’m hearing things  I already know but it’s good to have a reminder. It could be a reminder of what I want to let go of or what I want to do more of.

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I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, and geocaching.

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