Try New Things #100HappyDays

Don’t you hate it when something you like is discontinued? The delicious Edamame Hummus Wrap that I liked at Starbucks vanished a few months ago. Since then  I’ve been turning my nose up at its sister the Thai-Style Peanut Chicken that dared to take its place in the display case. I’ve been reluctant because I’ve tried theContinue reading “Try New Things #100HappyDays”

Magic Lessons #100happydays

As of 9/23 there are only 100 days left in the year. I began the first 100 days of 2015 and ended it doing this and will be doing it again. Here is today’s happy thing. I enjoy Liz Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons. She talks to writers, poets, and other creative people who are struggling with something thatContinue reading “Magic Lessons #100happydays”