Inspiration: 1920Joan of Arc (Jeanne D’arc) canonized a saint


I hear voices telling me what to do

Telling me what’s right and wrong

It may seem I am a slave to them

Not free to choose for myself

but in fact they lead me on where I’m meant to go

and have kept me from hardships

I’ve seen others endure.


On occasion I wish

I could have ignored the voices

could have been carefree. But when I

follow the thought through to the end

I trust that it will turn out for the best

for I’m still in the middle of the story

and don’t know how it will turn out.


May Day Blogging Challenge 2016
What is it?
A way to make sure my friend and I continue blogging in May because we need to be held accountable.

How does it work?

Using http://www.onthisday.com/ find an event from history for each day of the month and use that for an inspiration for our daily post. It can be anything from History, Music, Film & TV, Sports. And of course creative license is allowed- to tie back to the historical event in any way we find relevant.

What is the format?

It can be any length but should be fairly short. It can be a poem, story, an essay, a rant, and editorial, etc. Posts should be hashtagged #MDBC2016 on social media.

What happens if we don’t post?

Absolutely nothing, except we will be disappointed with ourselves and each of us is required to make the other feel bad if this occurs.


Published by Cherrie Ali

I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, and geocaching.

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