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Hot Air Balloon Ride

Inspiration: 1927 1st balloon flight over 40,000 feet (Scott Field, Ill)



I loosen the lines tied around the stakes  MDBC2016

Empty out the garbage that keeps me weighed down

Stepping away from the squabbles, self-doubt, and the questions

Causing me to run in circles instead of toward the finish line


I retreat into the little basket

A room without walls, a room without distractions

Alone, no voices chattering, without even the white

Noises not noticed until they’re gone

While defying gravity I turn myself around

As I consider each of the four directions


Removing myself from terrestrial terrors

And the anxieties of modern life

With the radius of my spotlight expanding as I rise

Allowing me to let go of the minutia and take in a greater view


Being caught in the heat beating down that allows me to ascend

Being refreshed by the breezes crossing through me

I exhale and acclimate to the new temperature


Occasionally birds cross my path and I am envious of

How easy it is for them to achieve this state

I feel as if I’ve awoken from a sleep that lasted a week

Freeing my muscles from tension, soothing my aches


The solitude of the view from miles above the earth

Being closer to the next life than the one I left behind

Like Peter on the mountain with Elijah and Moses

It’s tempting to want to stay in this place

but it’s time to begin the descent

I savor the last moments of the reverse journey

Revitalizing energy pulsing through my mind and body


May Day Blogging Challenge 2016

What is it?
A way to make sure my friend and I continue blogging in May because we need to be held accountable.

How does it work?

Using find an event from history for each day of the month and use that for an inspiration for our daily post. It can be anything from History, Music, Film & TV, Sports. And of course creative license is allowed- to tie back to the historical event in any way we find relevant.

What is the format?

It can be any length but should be fairly short. It can be a poem, story, an essay, a rant, and editorial, etc. Posts should be hashtagged #MDBC2016 on social media.

What happens if we don’t post?

Absolutely nothing, except we will be disappointed with ourselves and each of us is required to make the other feel bad if this occurs.


I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, Coca-Cola, and learning new things.

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