Gone with the Wind

1937 Margaret Mitchell wins Pulitzer Prize for “Gone With the Wind”

I read Gone with the Wind a few years ago. It was a great book. It was very long though so MDBC2016it took fortitude. I probably should talk about what an amazing Civil War story it is, but I have to admit what stands out to me is how traumatized I was by the death of the donkey. They rode to death! It just keeled over on the side of the road if I am remembering correctly. And to this day if it looks like a donkey or horse is going to die in a book I either skip ahead or stop reading the book altogether. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t even a real donkey.

Despite that, I highly recommend visiting the home of Margaret Mitchell if you are in Atlanta. You can find out more about that here: http://www.atlantahistorycenter.com/mmh.

Some interesting info about Margaret Mitchell. Right after she gave up her manuscript of Gone with the Wind, she wanted to get it back. She didn’t want it published. Also, upon her death (she was hit by a car), her husband destroyed all of her writing, in honor of her wishes.

I always thought that was tragic, there could have been some great jewels there. However, she sounds like a perfectionist and many of us can relate to that.

If you would like to know what other books traumatized me…

Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalihan – The horses weren’t harmed, but to save themselves the family had to give up their prized horses to the enemy.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed  – This is one of my friend’s favorite books and I tried really hard to keep going past the horse part but I just couldn’t.



May Day Blogging Challenge 2016

What is it?
A way to make sure my friend and I continue blogging in May because we need to be held accountable.

How does it work?

Using http://www.onthisday.com/ find an event from history for each day of the month and use that for an inspiration for our daily post. It can be anything from History, Music, Film & TV, Sports. And of course creative license is allowed- to tie back to the historical event in any way we find relevant.

What is the format?

It can be any length but should be fairly short. It can be a poem, story, an essay, a rant, and editorial, etc. Posts should be hashtagged #MDBC2016 on social media.

What happens if we don’t post?

Absolutely nothing, except we will be disappointed with ourselves and each of us is required to make the other feel bad if this occurs.

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