Positive Thoughts

PIt is important to phrase our thoughts positively because our brain does not pick up on negatives. For example, we shouldn’t say, “I will not get sick.” The brain will not register the “not” and it will hear “I will get sick,” so it’s better to say, “I will be healthy.”

There is a Deepak Chopra meditation from his CD “Blissful Sleep with Deepak Chopra” called Anapanasati Mindful Breathing where you repeat positive phrases while breathing slowly in and out. These are some of the phrases:

-I focus my mind

-I calm my mind

-I make my mind happy

There are many more phrases but you get the picture, it doesn’t say, “My mind is not stressed,” right?

I found this to be true in real life when I rode a mechanical bull for the first time. This was before I knew much about this idea regarding positive thoughts. I stayed on the bull much longer than I expected. I focused on my balance and staying on but there was a point when I started to lose my confidence because it had been so long (in my mind) and I just kept thinking, “I’m going to fall off,” which I did soon after.

I imagine gratitude journals work on this same premise causing us to think about the positive rather than the negative. So as for achieving all of your goals, I suggest focusing on what is working rather than what is not working.

This blog post is part of the April 2016 A-Z  Challenge which involves writing a blog post every day (except for Sunday) with a theme based on the letters of the alphabet (April 1-A, April 2-B, etc.). I will be focusing on wellness. 

You can click here to find other participants. Please feel free to leave a link to your blog with your comments so I can visit you too.

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I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, and geocaching.

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