Be like a Kite


KKites take off with wind, listen to the little voice in your head when it tells you to do something instead of procrastinating. Doesn’t it seem like it takes more energy to keep thinking about having to do a particular thing than just to do it and get it over with?

Kites have a string to keep it attached to where it came from. No matter how far you go, remember where you came from and who helped you get to your new place. Family, friends, teachers, jobs, maybe even a particular place. 

Kites soar way up high above the ground and take in the big picture. Don’t get weighed down by the rocks and dirt on the earth. Like things people say that go against what you believe in or situations  when people annoy you on the road or in restaurants. Keep your mind on what is important and don’t get distracted. 

When kites come down for a rest, the kite line gets rolled up nicely on the spool so it’s ready to go next time. Put everything in its place to keep your possessions and your mind in order. This way you don’t waste time and energy and end up delaying yourself next time. 



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