GIn my poetry class this week the instructor wanted to inspire us for our final poem of the semester which is about a journey. We packed up our stuff left the classroom and took a walk across campus.

There is a beautiful little medicinal garden at my university which consists of a variety of plants, a reflexology footpath, tables, and a gazebo. I walk through it occasionally. One day I encountered on a gray sparrow that happily drinking water from a fountain. I wanted to take a picture but knew he would probably fly away if I did so I just admired him for a moment and continued on.

There is also a gazebo hidden in our garden. Students have write things so there are all kinds of messages, some inspirational, some silly, some mean. One of the nicer ones was “the closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes”.

Although it didn’t seem that dark in the garden, once we stepped out of it the sun shone brightly and we were greeted by a butterfly. There was a noticeable change.

Even though I walked through the garden in the past and have paid attention to the foliage, I looked at everything a little closer this time. Go outside, visit a park, notice something you don’t usually direct your attention to.


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