E I think sometimes we make things harder than they need to be.

I decided to purchase a new exercise video to add to my vast collection of exercise equipment. So I went to the best store in the world, Target. I pondered the five or so choices in the exercise aisle that ranged from Yoga for Beginners to more advanced options that targeted specific body parts or achieved particular goals like Yoga to Improve Mathematical Abilities.

I should start out by saying I’ve been to Yoga classes a few times and never even liked them, but I have a Wii Fit Board and I love doing Yoga with the Wii. I’m not at all advanced but I’ve been doing it off and on for a few years so I considered getting a more advanced video. Why? Why not be advanced, right?

In the end I purchased Yoga for Beginners because I decided I wanted something simple and easy that wouldn’t be a big project but I could feel good that I was giving it a try.  I did the video and was very pleased with it.

Interestingly enough, I did the video once and starting using the Wii more consistently.  I liked the video but apparently I just needed the threat of something else to motivate me. Maybe easy in this case would have just been to stick with what I already had!

What are some things that you could make easier on yourself?

This blog post is part of the April 2016 A-Z Challenge which involves writing a blog post every day (except for Sunday) with a theme based on the letters of the alphabet (April 1-A, April 2-B, etc.). I will be focusing on wellness.

You can click here to find other participants. Please feel free to leave a link to your blog with your comments so I can visit you too.

Published by Cherrie Ali

I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, and geocaching.

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