CMy A-Z theme is wellness, which to keep things brief, to me means living a balanced life. It’s helpful to think of what we want and don’t want and maybe even make a list to go by. This could be helpful when selecting a career or job, a partner, even a gym.

The definition according to is a rule or principle for evaluating or testing something.
I’ve been watching a show lately called “Live Here, Buy This”.

Each episode features a Canadian couple who want to move somewhere else in the world. They choose three countries and the hosts show them two homes in each of the three countries. The couple doesn’t visit the country in the shows though, the hosts meet a realtor and the couple watches a video of the tour. In some cases the couple has visited the countries or their families are from there or they may just have a fascination for it.

The couple has to tell the guides what they’re looking for in their new location. For example, one couple from Calgary wanted less winter, a bigger city, privacy, and space to entertain. They were interested in Australia, Czech Republic and Germany. They were shown houses and apartments in each country and had select one they liked from each country.

The homes they were shown in the Czech Republic were large and very elegant and would have offered culture but it didn’t have the privacy they sought. The German house were not as modern and they didn’t like the layout. In the end the couple chose a house in Manley, Australia because it had a large spacious house with a large yard, it was close to the beach, had warm weather, and they could enjoy Australia’s culture.

This example illustrates that even when something meets our criteria, we ought to engage in another level of thinking to decide if it really works for us. This ties into wellness because we want to be mindful of what is important to us so we can live up to our full potential. However, I also think we shouldn’t be a slave to our criteria and we should be open realizing people and experiences change us…but that may be a post for another day.

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I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, and geocaching.

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  1. Now this is quite a helpful theme. I’m at a new stage of making decisions about my life, so I will read your upcoming blog posts with great interest! Happy A to Z!


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