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Garth Brooks, a popular country artist from the 1990’s, played for three nights in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. It is amazing to me that someone can be out of the music scene for years and return to such adoring fans. His retirement in 2000 was short lived. He signed on to perform on the weekends at Encore Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip from 2009-2014, but he did not produce new music at this time. In 2014, he announced he was planning a world tour and planning to release a new album*.

Music is a special thing that can make the past come alive again. Music takes us back to first loves, carefree days running around with our friends, and times when families and work was less complicated. I probably only know a handful of Garth Brooks’ songs but I can appreciate live music and have been to other concerts of singers I haven’t been familiar with and usually enjoy the shows.

My parents listened to country music, among other genres, as I was growing up so I was exposed to some country music as a child. I can remember listening to Alabama in my dad’s ’57 Chevy truck and using the gearstick that was shaped like a golf club as a microphone. Also, sometimes I’ve liked country songs that were featured in movies. Though, I didn’t really start listening to country music until I started line dancing five years ago.

From hearing fans talk about him and doing a little research I’ve learned that Garth Brooks changed country music by producing more upbeat songs. He also used a wireless headset microphone at his performances allowing him to move around on stage*. There is a vast difference when observing previous country music artists performances with current ones who dance around the stage and try to engage the audience as you will know if you have ever seen Luke Bryan perform. And even at this concert Garth and his guitarist played around running back and forth on the two rows of moving sidewalks at the front of the stage.

The concert was special for longtime fans as they reunited with old friends either to attend the concert or ran into each other there. People shared their concert photos and videos on Facebook giving some people the feeling they were at the concert even if they didn’t attend. I suppose it could be the same with any artist or even reuniting with any group of people you shared a significant amount of time with. It’s good to come together and feel like it’s that time again.

*Info about Garth Brooks came from Wikipedia.

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