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Step Away From the Krazy

I’m sharing this post about my friend who participates in the Dolphin’s Center Cycling Challenge to raise funds for Cancer Research. In it she shares how she rides for her mom who battled cancer and about their relationship.

Krazy is the New Black

In my twenties I got into the habit of riding my bicycle down on South Beach with a friend. We rode the bike paths for a while and then started to get a bit more adventurous. Before I knew it we were riding around fifteen miles on average, and I loved it. So, a couple years ago when I was trying to decide what to buy myself as a birthday gift, I came up with a great idea: a new bicycle. My plan was to use it to get in shape and start a hobby which got me outdoors more often.

As I do with every major purchase, I conducted a lot of research and settled on the perfect style and brand for myself: A Trek 7.1 Hybrid road bike. I wasn’t all that sure I would keep up with the lofty goals I had in mind, but when one…

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I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, Coca-Cola, and learning new things.

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