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A Trip to the Art Fair

I had the pleasure of attending the Las Olas Art Festival last week. It was inspiring to see artists making a living from their art and hearing the inspiration for what they do. I saw many types of art that I had never thought of or heard before. I encountered two artists that I found particularly intriguing.

Susan Low’s specialty is Literary Calligraphy. She paints the words of literary works and historical documents with watercolors by using calligraphy. One of the paintings  was a quote from Song of Songs 6:3 “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”. This was painted in rainbow colors in English in a circle surrounding a decorative Star of David and then the Hebrew version the quote in black surrounding the English Quote with decorative designs covering the rest of the painting. I asked her how she came up with the idea for Literary Calligraphy and she said in college she took a calligraphy class and then everything just came together.

Evan Reinheimer’s specialty is Kite Aerial Photography. He attaches his camera to a kite which allows him to get the subject he is photographing from a unique angle-higher up than the ground but not as distant as from an airplane. He grew up with flying kites and doing photography, and then in college he came up with the idea to use the kite to take the photographs. He has traveled around the world taking photographs places like the Eiffel Tower, the Mykonos Windmills in Greece, lighthouses, and Miami Beach lifeguard stands.

With these artists we can see people taking their particular interests and combining them to create a new form of art. Susan Low’s work require incredible patience and attention to detail. Also, perseverance to commit to a long term project. She paints five or six paintings per year and if she makes a mistake she has to start over. Evan Reinheimer’s art allows him to travel around the world and share his unique perspective of far off lands for the rest of us to enjoy.

You can check out the other artists from the Las Olas Art Festival  to see the website for the other artists who attended the fair.


I live in Miami and I enjoy writing, traveling, dogs, Coca-Cola, and learning new things.

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