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Habits of Successful People


Almost 100% of the people at the top are reading a lot.

Today’s message comes from an interview from my favorite Podcast – Entrepreneur on Fire. The interview was with Tai Lopez, an investor, partner, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Tai Lopez says the average person buys 17 books per year, but doesn’t finish them. (He also mentions most of these are fiction books and he is advocating books to make us more successful financially, but we won’t get into those details). His point is the successful people read A LOT.

Tai Lopez reads one book a day. He mentioned Hillary Clinton is an avid reader and American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist Warren Buffett reads 3-5 books per day. Mark Cuban another American businessman, investor, film producer, author, television personality and philanthropist reads while flying on his personal jet. Yet these people all still have time to do other things!

My theory, besides them being speed readers, is they reading so much that they’re already familiar with topics and it is easy for their brains to absorb the books. It’s probably not realistic for most of us to aspire to read one book per day starting out. I propose instead of being disillusioned we can start out aiming for one book per month, with time that could increase to one a week, and maybe some of us could eventually read one book per day, who knows.

How do you think you can find a way to read more?

If you would like to catch this very interesting interview you can visit Entrepreneur on Fire

For other habits of successful people check out and guess what? Reading is on this list too.

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Music and Memories

Garth Brooks, a popular country artist from the 1990’s, played for three nights in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. It is amazing to me that someone can be out of the music scene for years and return to such adoring fans. His retirement in 2000 was short lived. He signed on to perform on the weekends at Encore Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip from 2009-2014, but he did not produce new music at this time. In 2014, he announced he was planning a world tour and planning to release a new album*.

Music is a special thing that can make the past come alive again. Music takes us back to first loves, carefree days running around with our friends, and times when families and work was less complicated. I probably only know a handful of Garth Brooks’ songs but I can appreciate live music and have been to other concerts of singers I haven’t been familiar with and usually enjoy the shows.

My parents listened to country music, among other genres, as I was growing up so I was exposed to some country music as a child. I can remember listening to Alabama in my dad’s ’57 Chevy truck and using the gearstick that was shaped like a golf club as a microphone. Also, sometimes I’ve liked country songs that were featured in movies. Though, I didn’t really start listening to country music until I started line dancing five years ago.

From hearing fans talk about him and doing a little research I’ve learned that Garth Brooks changed country music by producing more upbeat songs. He also used a wireless headset microphone at his performances allowing him to move around on stage*. There is a vast difference when observing previous country music artists performances with current ones who dance around the stage and try to engage the audience as you will know if you have ever seen Luke Bryan perform. And even at this concert Garth and his guitarist played around running back and forth on the two rows of moving sidewalks at the front of the stage.

The concert was special for longtime fans as they reunited with old friends either to attend the concert or ran into each other there. People shared their concert photos and videos on Facebook giving some people the feeling they were at the concert even if they didn’t attend. I suppose it could be the same with any artist or even reuniting with any group of people you shared a significant amount of time with. It’s good to come together and feel like it’s that time again.

*Info about Garth Brooks came from Wikipedia.

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Step Away From the Krazy

I’m sharing this post about my friend who participates in the Dolphin’s Center Cycling Challenge to raise funds for Cancer Research. In it she shares how she rides for her mom who battled cancer and about their relationship.

Krazy is the New Black

In my twenties I got into the habit of riding my bicycle down on South Beach with a friend. We rode the bike paths for a while and then started to get a bit more adventurous. Before I knew it we were riding around fifteen miles on average, and I loved it. So, a couple years ago when I was trying to decide what to buy myself as a birthday gift, I came up with a great idea: a new bicycle. My plan was to use it to get in shape and start a hobby which got me outdoors more often.

As I do with every major purchase, I conducted a lot of research and settled on the perfect style and brand for myself: A Trek 7.1 Hybrid road bike. I wasn’t all that sure I would keep up with the lofty goals I had in mind, but when one…

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A Trip to the Art Fair

I had the pleasure of attending the Las Olas Art Festival last week. It was inspiring to see artists making a living from their art and hearing the inspiration for what they do. I saw many types of art that I had never thought of or heard before. I encountered two artists that I found particularly intriguing.

Susan Low’s specialty is Literary Calligraphy. She paints the words of literary works and historical documents with watercolors by using calligraphy. One of the paintings  was a quote from Song of Songs 6:3 “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”. This was painted in rainbow colors in English in a circle surrounding a decorative Star of David and then the Hebrew version the quote in black surrounding the English Quote with decorative designs covering the rest of the painting. I asked her how she came up with the idea for Literary Calligraphy and she said in college she took a calligraphy class and then everything just came together.

Evan Reinheimer’s specialty is Kite Aerial Photography. He attaches his camera to a kite which allows him to get the subject he is photographing from a unique angle-higher up than the ground but not as distant as from an airplane. He grew up with flying kites and doing photography, and then in college he came up with the idea to use the kite to take the photographs. He has traveled around the world taking photographs places like the Eiffel Tower, the Mykonos Windmills in Greece, lighthouses, and Miami Beach lifeguard stands.

With these artists we can see people taking their particular interests and combining them to create a new form of art. Susan Low’s work require incredible patience and attention to detail. Also, perseverance to commit to a long term project. She paints five or six paintings per year and if she makes a mistake she has to start over. Evan Reinheimer’s art allows him to travel around the world and share his unique perspective of far off lands for the rest of us to enjoy.

You can check out the other artists from the Las Olas Art Festival  to see the website for the other artists who attended the fair.

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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year when we may dare to make a resolution and possibly by the end of the month will have already given up the lofty plans of losing weight, eating better, saving money, writing that book, climbing a mountain, etc.

I think we should pick something we are likely to fail at achieving. If we’re trying to make a significant lifestyle change, our resolution shouldn’t be something that is easy to achieve. It should be a struggle and we should have to make multiple attempts to figure out how to be successful.

If we want to climb a mountain we have to take steps to achieve that. We can look online, read, watch webinars, take classes, and talk to people. We’d have to work on getting in shape, figure out what skills are needed to actually climb a mountain, make travel plans, and make mountain climbing arrangements. We would also have to consider our progress periodically and decide if we will be able to meet the desired goal or if we have to adjust the timeframe. Perhaps as we learn more about mountain climbing we will realize that we need to learn about other things or get certain equipment. As we learn more about ourselves and the goal there will be unexpected information and situations to manage in order to be successful.

Ultimately to be successful, we will have to put our own spin on the advice to tailor it to our situation. We will have to be disciplined to make changes and give up habits or things that keep us from achieving our goal. This is not easy, but we have a whole year to figure out how to pull it off. Right?

So if we are expecting not to be 100% perfect at our resolution in the beginning, we don’t have to be hard on ourselves when we mess up. My goal is to write a blog post every day. I was hesitant to challenge myself this way especially considering I’ve already missed 2 days but sometimes things do come up. I’d consider myself successful if I have 300 posts by the end of 2016.

Truthfully, I’d consider myself successful even if I ended up with 25 biweekly posts by December 2016 because that would mean that I didn’t forget about my resolution and was still working toward it. Maybe 300 posts is a lot to expect now, but it would lead to writing 100 posts in 2017. And maybe by 2018 I could attain the goal of 300 because by then I would be better at thinking of topics and knowing how to write about it meaningfully.

So whether or not you have a New Year’s Resolution, I encourage you not to be too hard on yourself for falling off the wagon, but to continue because some progress is a step in the right direction.