Is it easy to be happy?

The following is a repost from 4/14/15 that was accidentally overwritten.

On January 1st my friends and I decided to take the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge. We would post something on Facebook that made us happy every day for 100 days.

We just reached the 100th day this weekend. I learned some things about happiness along the way.

I don’t think I would have made it to the end if my friends weren’t doing it. I missed some days here and there, but because they kept it up, I eventually got back on the wagon. Reasons Why I Didn’t Post:

1. It takes effort to consciously look for something to point out and sometimes I just didn’t make the effort. This is where it was helpful that my friends were doing it, because it was a reminder to think about my day and what made me happy.

2. Sometimes I just didn’t feel like going on Facebook. Facebook is wonderful for keeping it touch family and friends, but sometimes it’s a lot of clutter.

3. I put off posting to a more convenient time and then I lost the original excitement I felt during the happy moment.

4. Sometimes things were crappy and I just didn’t want to be happy. Fortunately, I didn’t have this issue very often, but from talking to some others about happiness throughout the 100 days I realized some people feel like this a lot.

100 Days of Happiness was a wonderful project for many reasons: 1. I got to know more about my friends from seeing a snippet of their days and because they shared their thoughts. Some people tend to post things often but not everyone does that, so this got them to do so.

Like:Things Overthinkers Will Understand

2. My favorite thing was I noticed that instead of paying attention to things that annoyed me, I was too busy trying to look for positive things. This was especially true earlier on. I hope to get that back.


Going to Target always makes me happy
Going to Target always makes me happy

3. I saw that happiness isn’t about the big things it’s about the little things.


4. But sometimes it is about big things. Like getting to be in the Sun Sentinel.

Dancing Darlingz

 5. I took some time to check out all of the pictures of our memories and it was nice remembering these moments and reading the comments. Some of them made me laugh. I also saw posts that I missed along the way.


 6. My friend in Connecticut and my cousin in Michigan participated. It was fun having this tie friends together near and far.

Window cleaners dressed up as superheroes for the children's hospital
Window cleaners dressed up as superheroes for the children’s hospital

7. It forced us to think about what really makes us happy, and it fostered discussions analyzing how we perceived happiness.

We all liked it so much we decided to continue. Hopefully more people will join us this time. It doesn’t really matter if we do it every day but it’s important to do it most days.


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  1. Wow, this has gotten me excited to try it too. Although 100 days is daunting. (Maybe 30?) The lessons you shared are heart-warming. And congratulations for completing the challenge! I was actually happy to read you were gonna continue with it 🙂


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