Casa Loma, Toronto, Ontario

There is an audio tour for Casa Loma. If you like history I recommend visiting this landmark. At first I was hoping that there would be a docent but there is so much information about each room/area the audio tour turned out to be better.

Entrance of Casa Loma
Entrance of Casa Loma



Main Entrance
Main entrance with fireplace and piano.



Scottish Coronation Chair
Replica of a Scottish Coronation Chair. The graffiti is from that time. One of the comments says “P. Abbott kept here 1800”.



Example of adornments throughout Casa Loma
Example of adornments throughout Casa Loma


Oak Room
The Oak Room which was being set up for filming of a TV show called the Strain. Casa Loma is often used to film scenes for TV shows and movies



Oak Room
There’s a monstrance and a crucifix, possibly for the scene from the Strain


The Skulls
One of my favorites movies had scenes filmed at Casa Loma. Various movies and shows have been filmed here.




The Study
Sir Henry’s Study. This was just one of many areas we saw set up like an office


The Study
Me in the Study


Secret Passageways
Staircases on the sides of the fireplace are secret passageways. The one on the left leads to the wine cellar in the basement and the one on the right leads upstairs to the bedrooms


Wine Cellar
Chellsy in the Wine Cellar. You can see the secret passageway leading up to the Study


WIne Cellar
Me in the Wine Cellar




Family Room
This room was used as the family room by Sir Henry and his family. It has the elegance Beauty and the Beast library.



Family Room
The family room set up for an event


Lady Pellatt's sitting room
Lady Pellatt’s sitting room in her bedroom suite. She was a significant force to the Girl Guides of Canada and helped them grow from a small organization to thousands of members by the time she retired. She often entertained the girls here.


Lady Pellatt's Bedroom
Lady Pellatt’s Bedroom




Lady Pellatt's bathroom
Part of Lady Pellatt’s Bedroom. Does anyone know what the little tub is?


Sir Henry's Bedroom
Sir Henry’s Bedroom


Sir Henry's Bedroom Suite
Sir Henry had to auction off most of Casa Loma’s belongings when he had to move out of his home.


Sir Henry's Bedroom Suite
One of Sir Henry’s desks


Sir Henry's Bathroom
Sir Henry’s Bathroom. Notice the telephone in the right corner. There were telephones throughout the house.


Bedroom Suites Hallway
Hallway leading to Lady Pellatt’s Bedroom on the right and guestroom on the left. While the guests rooms were all decorated as lavishly as Sir Henry’s and Lady Mary’s suites, we saw many of them with bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. When Sir Henry had to move out, Toronto considered turning Casa Loma into a hotel but it never came to fruition.


Landing leading from bedrooms to main entrance. Chellsy and I felt there should be a coffee shop here.


Staircase to Scottish Tower
There are two towers. This was me stopping to warm up on the way up to the Scottish Tower


Scottish Tower
Chellsy pondering the graffiti in the Scottish Tower


Graffiti in tower
Graffiti GRRR. Apparently there is historical significance to graffiti which I’m sure will be a post someday.


Scottish Tower
One of the stairs leading up the tower


Scottish Tower
Leading up the tower


Military History
This corridor displayed items regarding military service, honoring Sir Henry’s wish that his home would become a military museum some day.



The Solarium
The Solarium. Seems like a nice place to have a wedding


The Solarium
The Solarium


Entrance to the Solarium


Tunnel leading from the basement to the garage, stables, and greenhouse. They used this space to display photographs about the Great Fire of Toronto, the Tuberculosis Plague, and the Prohibition.


Sir Henry’s Desk in the garage


Chellsy in the Greenhouse. This area was nice and toasty.
Me in the Greenhouse


In the tunnel


In the garage


The Gardens were closed since it’s winter but we were able to see the greenhouse.






Four cars in the garage



The stables
The Stables



The home of one of the horses





The Pool in the basement. Sir Henry intended there to be a heated pool and a two bowling alleys.


What was to be the pool is now a little theater where they show a short film about the life of Sir Henry



Back in the house




The Solarium
The Solarium



Solarium celing
The ceiling of the Solarium


The hill
The view from the hill





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